​“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.” – David Warlick

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 Request for Laptop Quotes

​The Lawton Public Schools seeks quotes for laptop computers. The product specifications are minimum values only. Some products are brand-specific such as the processor. No other brand will be accepted. The number of computers purchased during the period of this bid will depend upon final count needed to replace teacher and school administrators' computers in Lawton Public Schools. The number of computers purchased will range from 300 to 350.


Pricing Deadline


All quotes must be received in the Lawton Public Schools, Instructional Media Center Technology Department, 753 NW Fort Sill Blvd, Lawton OK 73507 no later than 4:00 PM, August 25, 2017. All quotes must be addressed as follows:

Lawton Public Schools                                  or         emailed to Zeldon Rice zrice@lawtonps.org

Attn: Zeldon Rice

Laptop Quote

753 NW Fort Sill Blvd

Lawton, OK 73507



All quotes will be reviewed at 9:00 AM, August 28, 2017, in the Lawton Public Schools Instructional Media Technology Center Office. A recommendation may be made to the Lawton Public Schools' Board of Education for final approval. This project will be awarded according to the standard Lawton Public Schools' policies.


Pre-Quote inquiries 


All inquiries concerning technical issues and concerning administrative issues must be submitted via email to Zeldon Rice, zrice@lawtonps.org     or  AJ Watson , aj.watson@lawtonps.org .


Licensing Issues


Each computer shall come with one Microsoft Windows license.

(10 Home or equivalent) (Lawton Public Schools is enrolled in the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions agreement that allows us upgrade rights to windows 10 Enterprise or Education)




Lawton Public Schools reserves the right to reject any and all quotes, waive any and all technicalities, and award all or any part of a contract in a manner that is in the best interest of Lawton Public Schools.

Vendor Qualifications


To ensure the integrity of the purchased products, only the manufacturer of the specified computers or an authorized reseller of this manufacturer will be acceptable. If you are a reseller you must submit a letter from the manufacturer specifying your status as an authorized reseller. Additionally, the reseller must be a certified warranty service center for this type of computers. Copies of the Reseller Certification and Service Repair Certification must be included when submitted.




The vendor will be responsible for all shipping costs. This includes the shipping of the new orders, and the shipment of defective parts that are under warranty back to the vendor and the return of replacements for these warranty parts to the Instructional Media Center Technology Department, Lawton Public Schools.


Demo Units


 Lawton Public Schools invites vendors to submit demonstration units of their proposed laptops, provided these demonstration units are provided at no cost to Lawton Public Schools, including shipping and return shipping.


Vendor Warranty


All computers shall have at least a four-year warranty on parts. Lawton Public Schools shall be allowed to be a self-maintainer. Any registration cost associated with being a self-maintainer will be borne by the reseller or the manufacturer. After being certified by the computer manufacturer as a self-maintainer, Lawton Public Schools may choose to complete any warranty repairs itself. The vendor must pay for all shipping to and from Lawton Public Schools.


Of all components that are replaced under the warranty program, the replacement components must be of the same capabilities or greater and, if it is a processor or motherboard, must be the same manufacturer. All components, whether original to the computer or warranty replacements, must be "new" or "authentic", or refurbished by the manufacturer. All refurbished equipment must have the same or better functionality and same or better quality as the original equipment that came with the computer.




All quotes submitted will be evaluated according to the criteria listed below. If any of the required elements, such as manufacturer's reseller certificate, are missing, inaccurate, or altered, the entire submittal will be rejected as incomplete. The required elements are:

• Vendor Certifications

• References

• Detailed description with product specifications

• Warranty

• Price


Evaluation is a three-step process. The first step involves ascertaining if the submittal is complete, accurate, and meets the requirements. The second step is comparing the value of the proposed solutions which have successfully passed the first step process. Although price is the most important factor in comparing value, it is not the only factor: comparison of the vendors' service proposals, quality of proposed solution, reference checks, vendor reputation, and other intangible factors are used. The last step is testing the proposed equipment within the Lawton Public Schools' network environment. All decisions made by Lawton Public Schools Instructional Media Center Technology Department in the evaluative process are final.




Lease to purchase options would be preferred. (If available terms should be submitted with quote)

{Vendor will not be disqualified if lease to purchase option is not offered.}


All requests for payment must be made to the Lawton Public Schools for review, for approval, and for payment. All invoices must include "Net 30" terms.




All other questions are to be directed to Zeldon Rice (zrice@lawtonps.org), Director of Hardware Services, Lawton Public Schools. (580) 713 4207, X 2100 or AJ Watson (aj.watson@lawtonps.org) , Information Technology Assistant (580) 713 4207, X 2102.


Laptop Configuration


Intel® Chipset

Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet

Wireless 802.11 g/n/ac  

Intel® Core i5 Processor or better

8 GB DDR 4 Memory (minimum)

DVD-RW Drive

320GB Hard Drive (5400 RPM)

3 USB ports minimum

6-hour battery life (run time)

15.6" Touch Screen LED Display or better

Microsoft® Windows® license

VGA port (for presentations)

4 year Parts Warranty



1) Cable Locking System

2) Black Nylon Case